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Arvind Chandna

Arvind ChandnaI am Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool and Royal Liverpool University Hospital. I consider myself privileged to have been taught by some of the finest minds in medicine and ophthalmology, who gave freely of their time and knowledge. I founded Eyelearn as one of the ways I hope to be able to give back what I received.

I am passionate about my work and believe that teaching and training are important aspects of my work.

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Andrew Bastawrous

Andrew Bastawrous I am a Speciality Registrar in Ophthalmology working and training in the Mersey Deanery. I graduated from Leeds Medical School and first practiced ophthalmology in Yorkshire. My interests include: ophthalmology in the developing world which has opened opportunities to work in Africa, South America and Central America. I am a keen teacher and enjoy the process required in understanding and breaking down subjects to make them more digestible.

I have been fortunate enough to have had many dedicated and gifted teachers so far in ophthalmology and hope to be able to pass this on. Through Eyelearn I help co-organise the General Practitioners Course.

Gavin Cleary

Gavin Cleary I am a paediatric rheumatologist based in the clinical / academic department of paediatric rheumatology at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. I am a passionate believer in providing holistic care to children with autoimmune disease, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in the fortnightly multidisciplinary uveitis clinic we deliver. I regard this as gold standard practice and a model for all units to develop.

I am a regular and enthusiastic teacher of medical undergraduates as well as postgraduates at all levels. I enjoy teaching different styles including in the clinic or by the bedside, problem based learning and lecture based. I also enjoy teaching colleagues in many other disciplines such as physiotherapy, nursing and other professions allied to medicine. My experience encompasses the full spectrum of paediatric inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatic disease. As paediatric rheumatology covers such a broad spectrum of disorders that are potentially multi-system in nature I have also acquired a broad experience across the spectrum of general paediatrics.

I co-organise the Annual Uveitis symposium.

Hayley Draper

I graduated as an orthoptist from The University of Liverpool in 2003. I feel very privileged to currently be working at both Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Walton Hospital.

I am passionate about orthoptics and regularly teach undergraduate orthoptists, junior doctors, pre-registration optometrists, school nurses and other health professionals in a clinical environment. I have been extremely lucky in both of my current posts to have benefited from the expertise of many talented individuals and this has fuelled my desire to learn and to share with others what I have learnt.

I prefer to approach teaching in a practical way that hopefully makes it easier to apply theoretical knowledge in the clinical setting.

Through Eyelearn I co-organise the “Making Sense of Strabismus” course.

Chris Hemmerdinger

Chris HemmerdingerI am a Specialist Registrar in Ophthalmology based at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. I graduated from UMIST in 1994 in Optometry, qualifying as an optometrist in1995. After working in practice for two years I went on to study medicine at Manchester University, graduating in 2001. Following posts in Neurosurgery and Accident and Emergency medicine, I began training in ophthalmology at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

I have always had an interest in teaching and have been fortunate enough to develop these skills over the past few years. I am actively involved in continuing education; have written several review articles for the optometric press, and regularly lecture across the country.

Through Eyelearn, I teach at the Ophthalmology for General Practitioners Course and am involved in the organisation of the Ophthalmology for Optometrists Course.

Andrew Hesford-Booth

Andrew Hesford-BoothI am a trained ophthalmic and paediatric nurse working in the outpatients department at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. I became interested in Ophthalmic Nursing in 1993, shortly after qualified as a Registered Nurse: at Walton Eye Clinic, gained knowledge and skills, and a grounding in the speciality that led to further studies at John Moores University, including an opportunity to assist in research. As a visiting tutor, I have taken sessions about children's eye conditions at Edge Hill University over the last eight years, and have recently been accepted as an Associate Lecturer at the university. I have also developed skills in audio-visual recording of paediatric eye conditions especially eye movements and strabismus.

I lead a band and sing and play the guitar with recent performances in the Cavern Club, Liverpool and Radio Merseyside.

Dr Kinnari Kapoor

Dr Kinnari KapoorI am a GP currently working in the Wirral having graduated from Manchester University in 1997. I have been working in general practice since 2001 as a GP locum, GP assistant and salaried GP serving a variety of socio-economic groups with differing healthcare needs.

Ophthalmology tends to receive little attention in medical school despite eye problems accounting for 6 in 100 consultations in general practice. This can mean that GPs may not feel so confident in assessing and diagnosing eye conditions.

For this very reason I attended the Ophthalmology for GPs course in 2008. I found the course extremely useful and felt the teaching style and content was very appropriate for GPs. Following the course I feel much more confident and have a greater understanding of dealing with Ophthalmology cases in general practice.

During the course I was approached by Mr Chandna to help with organising future courses. He is very keen to improve the interface between GPs and Ophthalmologists by having a GP involved in developing and delivering the course content, making it more GP orientated.

I jumped at the chance as I find teaching both enjoyable and rewarding, it helps to keep you up to date and helps with your own personal development and can be a great stimulus. Within general practice I am regularly involved in teaching medical students, F2 doctors and GP Registrars.

I helped with the Ophthalmology for GPs course in 2009. This involved case based scenarios routinely seen in GP practice followed by small group tutorial discussions. I hope to develop my role further by attending primary care Ophthalmology clinics and possibly becoming a GPSI Ophthalmology.

Maureen Mitchell

I have been Head of Orthoptic Services at Alder Hey since 2002. Prior to this I had been Head of Service at Wirral University Hospital Arrowe Park.

As soon as I could, following qualification, I became an Orthoptic Clinical Demonstrator obtaining the Haddick Prize. Working as I did at that time at St Paul's Eye Hospital Liverpool I was able to teach orthoptics to a wide variety of specialities including orthoptic students, optometrists and junior doctors.

Following a break of service to bring up my family I worked at Chester Royal Infirmary School of Orthoptics as a clinical tutor.

My role at Arrowe Park gave me so much opportunity to develop my teaching skills across a wider audience as part of a reorganisation of eye service. Teaching clinical skills to school nurses and being highly involved in the accreditation of High Street optometrists to the paediatric eye service ensuring that high standards of coworking.

To work at Alder Hey means that you are able, as an expected part of your role, to teach across many different boundaries from medical students to highly qualified doctors from both home and abroad. In fact the opportunity for me to develop my skills in this area was one of the driving forces bringing me here.

I have been privileged to have a career that I love and enjoy and I hope that in being able to give to others, by teaching, even a small taste of how rewarding a sound knowledge base can be, will carry on into the future.

William Newman

William NewmanI am Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool and Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

I have been privileged to have been mentored by those who have inspired me in medicine, surgery and ophthalmology. They taught me to take a holistic approach to the patient and there clinical problems, and by this method ensure that the patients concerns were addressed. This approach is very valuable in teaching at all levels for children, parents, students and doctors, and through the invitation of my colleague Arvind I hope to pass on some useful knowledge through Eyelearn.

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Fiona Pennie

I have been Head of Optometry at Alder Hey Children's Hospital since 2002. In this role I have been involved in many aspects of teaching, lecturing to large audiences of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists Orthoptists and Paediatricians, as well one to one mentoring of pre-registration optometry students and junior doctors.

I qualified as an Optometrist 20 years ago and have held a variety of optometry positions both on the High Street and within the Hospital Eye Service here in Liverpool. I have specialized in the area of paediatric optometry for the last 10 years. My thesis entitled An investigation of Refractive error and Biometric Components of the Infant Eye was awarded an MSc from Manchester University in 1999.

Education has always fascinated me, coming from a family of teachers, and through my role as Chair of Governors at a Primary School I have learnt much about teaching and learning. I am passionate about Paediatric Ophthalmology and Optometry and am keen to pass on the knowledge I have in this area, both here in the UK and abroad. Eyesight is a precious gift and is fundamental to quality of life. I hope that, through education, I can be part of the movement to effectively prevent unnecessary blindness and restore sight to children throughout the world.

Through Eyelearn, I am involved in the organisation of the Ophthalmology for Optometrists Course. I have been on two lecture tours of Pakistan as part of a small team from Alder Hey.

Arun Sachdev

I am currently a Specialist Registrar in Ophthalmology on the Mersey Deanery Rotation.  My interest and passion for teaching began early during my undergraduate days in London. I was inspired by excellent trainers, each with differing teaching styles from which I was able to develop my own teaching approach.

Throughout my medical career, I have enjoyed teaching medical students, junior colleagues, colleagues from different medical subspecialties, as well as allied health professionals. I find it a rewarding part of my working life.  My teaching style is relaxed, informal, structured but at the same time flexible enough to meet the individual educational needs of each particular learner.  I try to focus on practical aspects of Ophthalmology which I feel will be useful to the learner in their normal working practice. I enjoy feedback from learners and try to implement it to further develop and improve my teaching sessions.

Through Eyelearn, I teach at the Ophthalmology for General Practitioners Course. I look forward to meeting you on the Eyelearn Courses.

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A gifted teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor, and makes far less money --Author unknown

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