Welcome to eyelearn - a new concept in teaching ophthalmology

Eyelearn is a teaching and learning organisation in ophthalmology founded on the best principles of education: teaching, training and instruction in active partnership with learners.

Eyelearn specialises in education in ophthalmology with a special emphasis on paediatric ophthalmology. The emphasis is on teaching and training through practical transfer of skills using innovative methods of delivering knowledge.

Eyelearn is unique in that it also provides courses and technical expertise in developing countries through its not-for-profit organisation - Eyegive - funded entirely by Eyelearn, donations and partnership with sight-saving organisations.

Our courses are delivered in a friendly, interactive and encouraging environment and comprise:

  • Small Group Interactive TeachingEyelearn Courses
  • Short practical lecturesEyelearn Courses
  • Even the Teachers learnEyelearn Courses
  • Nothing is too difficult to learnEyelearn Courses
  • Rapt attentionEyelearn Courses
  • I have understood itEyelearn Courses
  • Learning is fun!Eyelearn Courses
  • Happy Teachers at the end of the day!Eyelearn Courses
  • Time for memorable photoEyelearn Courses


We recognise that every learner is unique and all courses offer the opportunity for each applicant to inform us of their individual objectives prior to attending the course. The built-in flexibility of the course structure allows us to adjust to the needs of both the group as a whole and the individual delegates.

Eyelearn courses are designed to benefit:

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By learning you will teach; by teaching you will understand


Making Sense of Strabismus Course

Date: TBA

Ophthalmology in General Practice Course

Date: TBA

Paediatric Ophthalmology for Optometrists Course

Date: TBA

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Course

Date: TBA

Brain Injury and Visual Consequences; Cerebral Visual Impairment Symposium and Workshop

Date: TBA


If you are interested in attending one of our courses, becoming involved with Eyelearn or have a general enquiry, please complete a
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